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Can I speak English?


Can I speak English?

Many have said that the English language is one of the hardest to learn. However, with the right training, learning English as a second language can be a fun process.

The main goal to do learning as much natural way as possible.

So even though the natural order is listening, speaking, reading, then writing, the order for ESL students is reading, listening, speaking, then writing. The reason many people can read and listen is because that's all they practice. But in order to speak English fluently, you need to practice speaking.

How to speak english quickly like a native speaker

For start you have to start :) Speak anywhere, anyhow, anytime. This is a great way to improve your spoken English, and you can do it easy. At home, you can talk to yourself while doing some work or exercises.

You don't need to take classes to speak better English. You don't need a grammar. All you need it's your vocabulary and practice.

Don't Study Grammar Too Much. The key to learning a language is finding a balance between studying and practicing. Speaking English fluently isn't the same as knowing perfect English grammar – even native English-speakers make grammar mistakes! Fluency is about being able to communicate.


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