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Groundhog Day or how to learn English


Groundhog Day or how to learn English

You MAY learn English. Yes, yes, you personally!

(And I'm absolutely sure of that)

A little bit later I will tell you how to find out what is the main secret of your future success.

But first think: when you first for the first time knowingly said to yourself: "That's it, I need to learn English"?

A year ago?



When I ask my new customers this question, I usually hear very different numbers ... sometimes reaching ... a little shocking. (One hmm ... the lady called the date when I was not yet born:)

Sorry, sorry ...

What did you do all this time?

Just dreaming?

Or, maybe, they played a popular game: "We start and throw"?

You do not like the movie "Groundhog Day"?

You need to understand one damn important thing.

If you do not change anything now in your behavior, the day of Groundhog will repeat to infinity.

Would you like, in your old age, to realize that in your entire life you have not been able to master such a simple thing as English? ...

In my opinion, it's just a shame and ... not worthy of an intelligent person.

Do you know what is most amusing?

The fact that solving this problem is simpler than a piece of cake!

And there is one "point" in our body, hitting into which you are guaranteed to ensure yourself a quick success.

What is this "point"?

Heart, my friends.


Tell me, have you ever been in love?

Of course.

And you had to then persuade to go to a meeting with the object of your passion?

That's it. You were ready to overcome tens of (and even hundreds) kilometers without a break - just to be there.

Do you understand what I mean?

Do you have to light in your heart with a love of English? Desire to know it.

You must create in your head a situation where you already know English perfectly. Imagine what you will feel. Pride, a sense of superiority, satisfaction or excitement of a pioneer that discover a new territory.

Having learned English before you will open huge deposits of information: literature, cinema, communication with representatives of another nation, immersing in a new environment hitherto unknown to you.

It does not matter on what feeling or emotion you stop your attention, the main thing is that it was bright and you enjoyed it.


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