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How to learn English Language yourself?


How to learn English Language yourself?

A good printed or online tutorial will allow you to raise English to a normal level. The main thing in learning English independently is your perseverance and consistency.

In a month you can easily express your thoughts, understand the interlocutors, watch and understand the films in the original, youtube, foreign forums, translate and understand the lyrics of the songs.

English can be absolutely free and without leaving home via the Internet! You can choose the topic of training, and receive various materials for learning English online. The benefit of the Internet is available to almost everyone and at any time. If you have such question: How to learn English Language yourself, after this article it'll disappear.

It is important to know where to look for free and useful information on learning English language. Sometimes just browsing the Internet is not enough to find the best English sites for learning online. Usually you get to the same sites that you've seen hundreds of times, and you just can not get those quality English sites that meet your query.

So, to your attention is given to the best sites for learning English on the Internet, which, you probably will not find.

1. Preply.com/blog

Great site to learn English Language, great blog with lots of useful information, which is constantly updated. The blog has a nice design. You can always ask an interesting question about learning English and get a specific answer. On the site you can choose your favorite tutor, native speaker and practice your speaking skills, grammatical skills, or replenish your vocabulary, because you can do it with Skype - it's much more convenient.

2. PhraseMix

One of the nicest websites   English on the web. Aaron from Phrasemix will teach you English phrases in a new way. This site is perfectly designed. And this is only the beginning. It is very helpful and useful to learn English Language by learning the whole phrases. You ask why I should learn English phrases?! The answer is their   it is important to know, because this is what you will mostly use in your conversations. You do not want every time you talk to look in the dictionary. Therefore, it makes sense to use well-learned phrases.

3. Esl.about.com

If you are looking for a website for learning with the most teaching materials, then this is your site to learn English Language. On this site you can find lesson plans, grammar materials, lexical assignments, practice listening skills, reading and writing skills, teaching English. To find materials for the preparation for TOEFL, IELTS, tests and quizzes, English teaching aids.

4. Voice of America

Similar to how on esl.about.com, here you will find a lot of information. What's good about this resource is that you can study American English   by watching the latest news on such topics as world news, US, business, education, health, entertainment, science and technology. Very, very useful, and most importantly - free of charge.

5. English Central

Often, those who are learning English are looking for simple and short video dialogs in the network with exercises to improve their listening skills. To do this, there is such a wonderful resource where you can not only improve listening skills in English, but also improve English pronunciation and vocabulary. And it's all free. It's a pretty powerful website and it definitely needs to be on this list of the best English learning websites.

6. Learn-english-today.com

The most useful resource to learn English Language. Everything is very simple and accessible. There is even a section with games, divided by levels of complexity, as well as crosswords and quizzes that can be printed. A huge number of exercises for words and the correct order of words in the sentence. If there is a need to find quotes of great people in English - this site is of help to you. Plus, there are lists of idioms, which are also distributed among the topics.

7. News In Levels

Another rather interesting resource for learning English. Here you can read (build your vocabulary), watch and listen (improve your listening skills, and also pronunciation) the latest news in English. The main thing is that there is a division into levels of complexity, it will become extremely effective if you need to improve exactl field of your English.

8. How do you do?

The idea of this wonderful site belongs to Polish developers. This is a simple and free service for communicating with people from all over the world who are also learning English. Here, you can practice speaking skills with non-native speakers around the world. The tool allows you to chat with foreigners while learning English and expanding your horizons, as there is an opportunity to learn about the country of the interlocutor.


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