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Learn English: how to remove accent?


Learn English: how to remove accent?

I think for most people though, it is very hard to completely get rid of your own accent. Even if you reach a level in a language where you don't meet any problems in comprehension and expression. But your accent is still need to be improved. It's betrays you and don't sound like native speaking person.

But if it possible to eradicate the accent completely. Yes, it's completely possible but it's hard and requires time and dedication!

How do you get rid of an accent when speaking English?

If we consider this issue using two English language variants, British English and American English, it becomes a little more understandable. It would seem the same language, but during speech, sounds in English versions are formed in different sections of the nose and mouth.

The British mostly use the front of the mouth and the tip of the tongue. And Americans, as it were, "push" all sounds with the back of the tongue and use their nose as much as possible. As a result, English in the American version is heard "harder" - in a cowboy way:)

There are languages that you are simply not physically able to speak without an accent. Since you did not develop certain groups of muscles of the mouth, which are used when pronouncing the letters and sounds of the language that you do not use in your native language.

But still, almost everyone, with a certain reinforcement and the right approach, is able to develop the necessary muscles and learn breathing patterns. And start speaking in English without an accent, almost like a real native speaker.

It may seem difficult to imitate an Englishman or understand how he uses his mouth. For this there is one extremely accessible and effective technique.

Carefully observe how the English people speak. Most likely, with a strong English accent. Here are the keys to how he uses his speech apparatus: which part of the mouth is used primarily, how the language works, how it breathes, etc.

Try to imitate them, speaking first in your own language with an English accent. And then back to English - keeping all the nuances that you noticed.

And you immediately will improve your English pronunciation! Checked!


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