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Learning English: the rules of five minutes


Learning English: the rules of five minutes

Sometimes the simplest methods turn out to be fantastically effective. Unbelievable but true. One of these small-great miracles is the RULES OF FIVE MINUTES (it works with an absolute guarantee, it is checked for many students. For five minutes, but every day!

Oh, this is a great rule of five minutes! His mysterious, magical power is able to create incredible. Sometimes it is difficult to sit yourself at the desk for two hours.

And when you start reading, watching a movie or doing a grammatical task, you involuntarily get accelerated, five minutes turn into fifteen, thirty. But not from under the stick! And with interest and pleasure.

Today is five minutes, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.

And after a while a persistent habit of learning English is developed. And with habits it is difficult to fight. As a result, it becomes impossible to skip a lesson: something will be sharply missed.

What exactly are systematic lessons - the key to successfully mastering the language, I think, nobody needs to explain. When there are no intervals in the classes, the learning process becomes similar to driving on the highway without obstacles, traffic lights, traffic jams. Speed, more and more, acceleration increases.

But here it's better to slow down and get out of the car. Too much speed is not too good. Sometimes it is necessary to take a rest!
Well, let's go, we'll work out - five minutes, no more. Learn to think like a native speaker of English, and start to speak excellent English.

The most difficult language, the most unreadable, is easier to learn if you start to THINK on it. Learn to act, behave like a native speaker, copy the image of his life, mentality. And language will enter into your life easily and naturally.


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