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Problems faced by students in learning English


Problems faced by students in learning English

We recently asked the question: Which problems in learning English disturbs you the most? And the results that we received was extremely surprised. I'll explain why.

It turned out that, firstly, you know perfectly well how to learn the language. You went to different sites, read literature on learning English. You have a lot of information. At the same time, nothing is done for some reason.

Why learning English is a problem fo you?

In my opinion, the problem is that you know too much. You do not know what to grab for. You jerk chaotically, try it, than try it. You do not have a well-defined English language learning system.

But even if you had such a system, there is a second problem – time. Where can I find time to learn the language?

Therefore, it would be ideal if this system is somehow integrated into your daily life and does not require special time, because it is very difficult to allocate time for the language.

And there is a third problem - laziness. You are too lazy to do it, because you are working, you are tired. You come home in the evening, and the brain just turns off. Those who go to the English courses, at least have to do something. And you force yourself to do something after work is impossible.

So if there was such a system that would be inconspicuous and would not require much time at the same time, and somehow it worked by itself, this would probably be the ideal solution. And after I read the reviews and understood your 3 main problems. You need to do somehow so that you have a system of learning English: a holistic, clear, which would absorb the best methods of learning languages. At the same time, a very important requirement is that this system be built into the structure of your life and passed like on autopilot. Almost unnoticed.

But how to cope with those problems?

During the day, we have a huge number of opportunities to wedge in there a foreign language learning. Let's say when you take a shower, you can do something about the language. While you are dressing while you are making the bed and so on.

This is an inconspicuous study of the English language when you are not making any effort. A foreign language just accompanies you all day long.

And what to do with laziness?

If you used to do something related to English studying, just do not learn. Use English. Let's say, sing songs in the shower. It will also be natural process. And then the problem of laziness will disappear. For this, at the first stage it will be necessary to introduce the parts of the system into your life.

And here you need a certain perseverance. It will be necessary to do what is necessary to introduce the study of English into your life. Step by step, clearly, by certain patterns, until it becomes your habit.


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